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Charlotte Kitchen Suites

Commercial-Grade Kitchen Suites in North Carolina

Charlotte Kitchen Suites offers commercial-grade kitchen spaces.

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Carryout & Delivery Restaurants

Opening in the Summer
of 2020

If you are a food business owner who is currently looking for additional space for your production, preparation, or storage of your products, Charlotte Kitchen Suites has a great offer for you! We have a top-of-the-line kitchen facility located near uptown Charlotte.

Why Choose Us

Accessibility and Proximity

Our facility is only 2 miles away from uptown Charlotte, which means less travel time and more efficient business flow.

Permit-Ready Food Facility 

Charlotte Kitchen Suites is permit-ready for all state-required health inspections.

Special Introductory Lease Rate

To jumpstart our business, we are offering special rates to initial clients. Contact us today for complete information.

Food-Grade Structure

The spaces will have food-grade walls, floors, and ceilings and will be permit-ready per NC DHHS, USDA, and FDA for commercial food production. The tenant can choose which food grade permit that fits their business's needs.

Meet Our Owner, Christopher Couchell

Having more than 2 decades of experience in handling commercial properties in the Charlotte region, Christopher used his knowledge to choose a strategic location for our business. That is why Charlotte Kitchen Suites is situated in the heart of commerce and economic trade in this region of North Carolina.

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Kitchen Suite Leasing